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So, I had a wild hair…literally. 

More than "A" wild hair, apparently around 100,000 wild hairs.

This is the before:


(although, honestly, I liked the "look" much better with a do-rag).

Last night was "THE" appointed night for liberating my chained-and-woven locks; what took Rosie about three hours to DO, took me–with the help of two "assistants"–one hour to UN DO.

The beginning– 


I demanded their This requires focused concentration so they wouldn’t yank out entire "neighborhoods" of hair.

Pretty soon they got bored with it, and it was just me again.   Or Cousin It came to visit, I’m not sure.


When you’re at this a while, you get tired of sitting…I shifted positions more than a few times…up-side down….

Sideways (peek-a-boo, I see you!)…


and ground level….


Gracious…the way I’m grinning, you’d think I was having FUN…!

Stephen captured my reaction in the mirror the first time I looked…what a "Duh…" vacant expression (artsy, my little boy is…and for goodness sakes, "someone" needs to clean that mirror!).


Hmmm, I just noticed something–I got TWO hairstyles for the price of one:  Braids, then a perm!


I’m afraid there was probably some damage to my twisted tresses–


I hope it’s not permanent (snicker).  And when I ran my fingers through my hair,


I found more than a few of these :/ :


I guess it’s back to normal now.

Wild_hair_3More_wild_hair Just_plain_scary_hair